Thursday, February 19, 2009

New house, new drama

So of course living in a new place couldn't be free of new drama! These are pictures of our 1st morning in our house. The kids eating cereal out of Styrofoam bowls....nothing funner than that! And then entertaining themselves by using grapefruit from our backyard to "bowl" with. Amazing what they will think of when the TV isn't hooked up yet! So the good news is that Brigham is free of his nasty cast, bad news is that we had to go round 2 with CPS. Yes, you heard right friends, round 2! Long, super long, story short.....I took him to his orthopedic DR for his follow up appt and the DR did not feel that I had been taking care of him so he called CPS and filled a report for "neglect to bring the child to his follow up appointment soon enough" literally that's about what his report said. I lost the discharge papers from the hospital, I had to mail papers back and forth to the hospital to get his paperwork, it took 2 weeks for his office to fit us in, and even after explaining all of that to him, he made the call. So after a little bit of freaking out, many many prayers were made on our behalf, and a wonderful fathers blessing was given to me (Devin was at work and couldn't leave while I was flippin out) a very peaceful feeling came over our family and we all knew that all would be well. The CPS worker came to our home yesterday and met with me and the kids and got my story and all of my papers, and documents I had collected showing that I was trying to do what I could to get him into the DR and she was very kind and in a nutshell acted like "I'm not even sure why I'm here, there doesn't seem to be any reason for me to be here" she even said that she thought the Dr had some sort of point to prove or something because even his report was so weird, it was just vague and non specific. So thank goodness once again for the power of prayer and the love of all our family and friends. I could feel all the love and comfort that came from the prayers that were said in our behalf. I don't know how we would survive this life without the gospel and our families!