Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crazy Hair Day

So I haven't been posting all that much lately b/c I CANNOT find the dang charger for my camera battery!!! AHHHHHH!!!! So these are off my phone (not bad for a phone huh?) Emmy had crazy hair day @ school & I was excited to do something fun for her. I was really glad to see that her friend Brooklyn had pink hair b/c she was a little concerned about how "crazy" it really was. I LOVE having girls!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Masons missing teeth!

Mason lost TWO teeth last week. Hey was very excited! He is convinced that we are the tooth fairy and we told him he better be careful b/c those who don't believe, don't get the cash!! This is a baggie with water in it and his tooth. When I asked him why it was in water he said, "because I want to keep it nice and fresh for the tooth fairy!" Duh, I'm such an airhead!! ;)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1/2 a year already!!!

Where does the time go?? SERIOUSLY! Ryker is 6 months today! Crazy I know. I actually weighed him yesterday and is 21 lbs., officially caught up with my 17 month old niece! He has two cute teeth, not loving baby cereal so much, drinks 8-10 oz. bottles AND still nurses, sleeps great (when he isn't cutting teeth), loves his bumbo and LOVES his exosaucer. He does roll over, but I'm not quite sure how he is supposed to learn how to sit up or crawl or anything if he is always IN something to keep him safe (from B&B) and when they are asleep, he is sleeping. Hmmmmm? I love his big chocolate eyes and I LOVE that he is my rolly polly snugly baby! (and the marks on his head are b/c no matter how often I trim his nails, he has baby itchy forehead syndrome and scratches it in his sleep...poor baby!)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Mason the crack up!

Mason has always been our funny kid. He is always making us laugh. I was cleaning out a cupboard yesterday and found my journal (before I started my blog) and it only had one entry in it, so I thought I would just post it so I wouldn't loose it. The entry was dated April 10th 2007,
"Mason had a tuff day at school today and his teacher had to call me. Luckily she started out the phone call with a funny Mason story. Mason took this cheap trinket gold chain (necklace) to school for show & tell. Later in the day Mrs. Hoopes (who loves Mason like crazy) noticed that he had it in his mouth. (which is wonderful in itself because I have NO idea where he got it) So she told him not to put it in his mouth because he could choke. Obviously he didn't listen and about 10 min. later when they were lining up for recess Mason was crying and freaking out. When she asked him what was wrong he said, "I swallowed my necklace!!" So she took him to the nurses office and they checked his throat & the nurse told him, "It's not in your throat so it must be in your tummy" and Mason responded with, "I know, I can feel it!"
My Dad likes to call these our "masonisms"!! :)