Sunday, December 30, 2007

Girls Dance Recital

Now that Christmas is over I am going to have to spend the next few weeks catching up on my blogging! On The 19th Emberlyn & Liberty had their Christmas dance recital. It was really cute! Their teacher works so hard with them. They all wore their jammies and did 2 numbers. One of which was "I got chicken pox for Christmas" (explaining the red dots on their face). It was Libertys first "performance" and I was worried if she would participate, but she did GREAT! As long as she didn't get sidetracked watching the twins play, she did a good job keeping up with the other girls. They both love being in dance and it is so fun to go and watch all the progress they have made!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas (Eve)

Since I don't have addresses for a lot of you, I thought I would send a Merry Christmas shout out! (and, for those that I do have addresses, I guess they are now going to be Happy New Year cards--I tried!) We hope that all of you have a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year brings great happiness to your family! I am so grateful for this blog, I know that sounds silly, but I really am. I have "found" friends that I have been missing for years, I'm able to keep in touch with those we love who have moved away from us, and all at the same time, I'm keeping a journal of this adventure that I am on with my 7 (almost 8 !!) beautiful kids. I would never document the things that I do if I didn't have this blog, and I LOVE it! Thanks to all of you for your friendship, your adorable blogs that I love to read, and for your wonderful comments that you leave on here. I LOVE hearing from you.

Have a very Merry Christmas!

We love you all!

Devin, Kristina, Austin, Hunter, Mason, Emberlyn, Liberty, Brinley, & Brigham

(I have seriously thought about just going to numbers instead of names; it takes like a whole min. to actually type every ones name!!)

Friday, December 14, 2007

Temple Lights

On Monday December 3rd we went to the Temple with my family to look at the lights. We haven't been in a long time, so we really enjoyed it. Inside the visitors center they have nativity scenes from around the world that you walk through and look at; I would recommend taking a min. to do that if you are there. They are beautiful and amazing, and so fun so see the different cultures displayed through nativity scenes. Here are some fun pictures we stopped to take before we headed to Mom & Dads for hot chocolate and WAY too many goodies!

Cassie & her favorite sister!

Tiffany, Piper, MaKenna & Mike

Crystal & Jacob

James & Amanda

Jeremiah, Cassie, Tiff & Piper
(don't think Tiffany was supposed to be in that one!)

Dad & Mom

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Here is a list of the junk I have in my house right now!
* cookie candy
* candied popcorn
* chocolate mint brownies
* rice crispy treats
* cinnamon rolls (oops, not any more, just had the last one)
* peanut brittle
* banana bread
* brownies

I LOVE the holidays, but for heaven sakes gaining 10lbs. just might not be worth it! The biggest problem is that you wouldn't believe what weird kids I have....they haven't touched hardly any of it! They wouldn't even TRY the peanut brittle! They would probably eat the banana bread over all of it! Guess who that leaves to consume all the goodies! YUP, the prego lady! Oh well, guess I better enjoy it b/c come March all the feasting on the goodies comes to a rapid halt and it's hello diet, yet again! (story of my life!!)

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Funny kids!

Who ever says that your too old to annoy your mother, is greatly mistaken! My brother Jeremiah left for Utah last month (he's back now, thank goodness!) so of course my mom wanted to take about 100 pictures of her kids together. Pretty much one of our most favorite things to do, is to draw this out for about an hour, which is how long it takes for all of us to quit making faces, and actually get one good picture. (I think 1/2 of them got deleted and I didn't even put all of them on here!) No worries though, even though it gets a bit annoying, my mom is cracking up the whole time! (although our husbands don't quite find the humor in this, which only makes it even funnier!!) I really do love my brothers and sisters though! Somehow I missed the funny jean, but that's what I have them for because they seriously crack me up! Until 2 years ago everyone but Tiffany, and Jacob (off and on) lived in Arkansas. So I really enjoy every minute I get to spend with them! We always have a good time and I am so glad I don't have to be without them anymore!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Gotta love Dad!

(my older kids really need to step it up! I never have much to post about anyone but the babies! Maybe cuz they are home all day?)

Anyways, so Brinley found a pair of my shoes that she decided MUST be worn for as long as possible, but would completely FREAK when they fell off her feet; every 5 seconds! I was getting tired of bending over to put them back on, so Devin helped her out! Yes, they are taped on her feet w/painters tape!! I seriously thought that after about 2 min. she would be flippin' out until we took them off, but I think she ran around the house with them taped to her feet for over an hour. Leave it to my husband to think of taping them to her feet....he totally cracks me up!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Still at large! Two toilet terrorists!!


Two Toilet Terrorists

BEWARE! Still at large. May be armed with blankets, toys and toilet paper. Not considered dangerous; unless your a toilet! Reward if captured; preferably alive please!

So every ones babies play in the toilet, mine certainly have! But Brinley and Brigham take it to a whole new level! This is the top to an air freshener spray that Devin pried out of the pipe last night after having to take to the toilet apart. These two kids are like heat seeking missiles if there is a bathroom door left open. No matter where they are; they KNOW! They run as fast as they can and start shoving everything they can find in the toilet while the other one is frantically flushing as many times as possible until they are discovered and the fun is put to an end. Afew days ago I got them out of their cribs and they took off to go play (haha) by the time I got to my bedroom door I realized that the baby gate might be off of the bathroom at the other end of the hall. I literally ran down the hall (quite a sight w/my big ol' belly) and by the time I got there they had a blanket, 2 toys, a book and a cup I think, in the toilet with Brigham flushing furiously! AHHHHH!!! Even though its SO frustrating (more for Devin than me, because he is the one that has to fix it) it really is funny! I'm not sure what goes through their little minds sometimes! "Hurry she's coming!" "I know, two more things and the clog will be UNSTOPPABLE Ah ha ha ha ha!" Gotta love it!