Thursday, August 13, 2009

My fab job!

I don't think I have ever really blogged about my job?? Before I do, these pics are from Thursday. Our office manager was being silly and wanted to take pics outside. We were discussing how the true "charlies angels" pose is, not knowing that the Dr. was snapping pictures the whole time! It really is funny though cuz we are a bunch of nerds! (we missed you Heather & Jennifer!!)

I have been working at a dentist office since May and I absolutely love it! I really love learning about the dental world and interacting with all of our great patients, and I super super love the gals I work with (ok, the DR isn't so bad either HAHA.....he is my cousin) I enjoy being there and laughing....and even being laughed AT cuz I am kind of a nerd! It's even better now that one of my best friends is working there! It's great when I need someone to talk to about crappiness and I can sit down at lunch and vent......AND to be around when someone else needs to vent. On the flip side, I really miss being with my kids. I will be honest, there are days that I am happy to be away from the craziness and volume level of my house, but most days I feel guilty that someone else is putting my babies down for a nap. Especially yesterday when the older FIVE (crazy I know!) started school and I got to be home with my 3 babies!! It was so great to just hang out with them, wipe their cute faces, have them curl up with me on the couch and just chat 3 year old talk w/them. I am excited about the things I am doing that will benefit our family for years to come, but that doesn't take away the sadness of leaving them with someone else. I'm sure most working moms feel the same way.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Happy 4th!!

We had a blast this year for 4th of July! (I know I'm so behind on my posting, what else is new!?!) We spent the afternoon at Burke & Ambers eating TONS of yummy food and spending time together. The kids all played together really good, and it was so fun just to hang out and chat it up! When it was time for fireworks most of us headed to Queen Creek and parked somewhere to see the fireworks show at Schnef was really good!! I love 4th of July! It makes me feel so patriotic and I love even more, sharing it with my family!!

Happy Birthday Liberty!!

My little Libs turned 5 and is off to Kindergarten! I am really excited for her to go because I know how excited she is. She has watched patiently while 4 older siblings have gone, and she is so thrilled that it is finally her turn! We had family over for her birthday and it was a blast as always. Liberty is quite the charachter....she LOVES playing with Ryker, doing big girl things with Emberlyn and she absolutely loves going anywhere with her Dad. She loves to shop and go swimming, she loves barbies and baby dolls. Whenever she wants to play it is always the same...."who is going to play house with me?" I have so enjoyed watching her grow up into a little girl and I can't wait to watch her over the next 5 years! We love you Liberty!!!