Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A couple weeks ago in church our high councilman gave a GREAT talk about teaching our kids. He said that for every ONE hour of instruction or gospel teaching our kids receive they also get hundreds of hours of influence the OTHER direction. Basically we teach for an hour, Satan teaches them for hundreds of hours. His point was that we need to find every opportunity to teach our kids that we possibly can. So I started thinking about what I could do to find more time to teach my kids. I came up with something that I am absolutely loving and thought I should share. I printed out slips of paper with topics that we could discuss as a family such as, honesty, respect, sacrament, repentance, stuff like that. I put them in our "dinner jar" and the nights that we sit as a family and eat dinner together, which isn't every night, but we try, one of the kids takes a slip of paper out of the jar and we discuss whatever is written on it. I have really loved having these discussions with my kids, even more than I thought I would. I think because it is in a non-teaching setting, we are just hanging out having dinner, they open up so much more and we really have some good talks. I tr to get them to tell me what THEY think things mean, so I can try and help them understand and learn more. I hope this is one "new thing" that we really stick to because I really love it!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Liberty Kae

I love this beautiful girl! I love how pretty she is, and I love when she wants to snuggle still, and I SUPER love her laugh! I love her pretty hair and even more that she LOVES to let me do her hair, I love that she is ALL girl and when she isn't being moody, she is a DOLL!!! I can't believe how grown up she is becoming...I really forgot she was turning 6 because it seems like she is older than that. She is super smart, loves school, playing house with her sisters, coloring, and riding her bike. She can cripple her Dad with one flash of that pretty smile, and he knows it too!
We had a BLAST celebrating her Birthday with a girly tea party. She had friends and cousins come and get dressed up, eat TONS of yummy food, and make placemats. They all looked so cute in their dress up clothes and had fun just being girls. Thanks everyone for making Libertys day so special!!

Ryker loves peanut butter

It's true, there is ONE member of my family who loves peanut butter as much as I do! If anyone leaves the PB down Ryker will find it and eats it by the handful! Someday I will find the picture of Jeremiah as a 2 year old with handfuls of PB, they look so much alike its crazy. I LOVE this little 2 year old!!!

This is what happens when Daddy stays home with my Ryry! LOL

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy Birthday my little ones!

It makes me a little sad that no one ever looks @ blogs anymore (I'm guilty too) but I realized, this blog is for me and my family, so I need to spend more time on it (and less time on FB!)
My sweet little twins turned 4!! I was brought to tears the morning of their birthday when I looked and Devin and said, do you realize what we were doing 4 years ago right now? Holding our brand new little twins! How did 4 years go by so fast?? I almost don't remember them as 18 month olds or 2 year olds! Having twins has been one of the greatest, funnest experiences of my life. If  I could choose to do it all over again I WOULD in a heart beat! In my dream world, 2 years from now I would have another set of  identical girls and then call it quits (In my dream world!).
Brinley and Brigham have been T-R-O-U-B-L-E, but still fun! Sunday night the girls spent the night at Grandmas and the next morning Brigham came running in my room, frantically looking in the corners and around the bed and said, "Oh hi mom, I just lookin fo my friend" ME "what friend?" Brigg "my dada friend" (NO idea why he calls her dada...with an auh sound, always has) I thought that was the cutest thing ever, UNTIL she came home and he went running to her and shouted "DADA! DADA! Yu home!! I missed yu yast nite" Those are the moments I live for and that make up for all the flooded bathrooms, dirty dusty feet, markers on the wall, and late nights waiting for them to quit playing and go to sleep! I really love these two and couldn't imagine our lives without them!

Finishing up the monkey cupcakes
LOVE my new cupcake stand.
(can't really see the cute leopard print ribbon around the edge of each plate)
Working on our jungle animal masks
Told ya its a ZOO here!
We had a wonderful birthday party for them! I made a decision to put more effort into my kids Birthdays and I was quite proud to show off my treats! Thanks Amber, Tyler, Brooklyn, Carson, Nicole, Audree, Liv, Shelby, MaKenna and Piper for coming and having fun with us!!

Our new Happy Birthday Wreath for the front door
Close up of our Happy Birthday Banner
 (the fabric can be changed out to match any party theme we decide to do)