Monday, April 30, 2007


I am soooooo excited!! Yesterday I got an e-mail from my brother Jacob telling me to "check out what I found online @ Target" So I click on the link and it is a bridal registry...weird? Then I notice it has his and his girlfriends name on I am thinking, "he is so dumb, what is he doing?" (we decided a long time ago to adopt Crystal into our family with or with out Jacob!) Then as I'm scrolling through the registry I am noticing that is it pretty detailed; so I go back to the top and notice that there is a date of July 12th for the "wedding date". Needless to say, he gets a phone call from me telling him he better not be kidding and he lets me know that it is for real! HIP HIP HORRAY!!! I was crying and laughing all at the same time. All of us are so excited to have Crystal in our family. She fits in so well, and heck, if she can put up with Jacob she can handle anything else in this crazy family! (oh--and in case you can't tell--her ring is GORGEOUS!!!)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Our Sewing fun

This is my baby sister Cassie. She decided to have me make her prom dress and this is how it turned out. (oh ya, thats Yancy.......her "friend") Don't they look so cute. It was down to the very last min. to get it finished. Why are we blow drying her dress you ask? Because as it was getting ironed some water from the iron spilled on it and we were trying to dry it before she went downstairs. The picture of Brinley is just an example of what happens when all the adults in the house are busy. You can't tell very well on the picture, but her arm is red in this perfect little circle.....with little teeth marks around the circle. Yes, my babies had their 1st fight! They were both playing in the kitchen and Brinley was trying to get at something Brigham was playing with, so he decided to teach her a lesson and bit her on the arm. It was so sad! How do you tell an 11 month old he can't bite?? He thought is was pretty funny. But the day ended well and Cassie made it to the prom.....thank goodness.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Liberty & her strudel

This picture is so funny to me I couldn't wait to get it put on here! It's funny because after I took her picture she said, "oh yeah, it's like our Birthday!" In case you can't tell what she's holding its a toaster strudel. It's Devins new favorite midnight (well anytime actually) snack. I ALWAYS have to do the frosting in a smiley face for her or she won't eat it. I love it when they make me laugh!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Brigham cleans the floor

Brigham is such a sweetie! He found this waffle left behind by his sister and decided that he shouldn't let it go to waste. What a handsome little man. I have to kiss his fat cheeks about 20 times a day!

This is my new niece Piper Kerrington MeGee! She arrived April 5th and we just can't get enough of her. My kids are so funny--when they are around new babies you would never know that we have little ones at our own house. Each of the kids have to take turns holding her and always argue about who got to hold her the longest. I love watching them drool over new babies!!

Monday, April 23, 2007

My family

I am new to this whole blog thing--so hopefully I will get the hang of it and you can enjoy my little tidbits about our fun family! We have grown to 9 people here at the Tietjen Zoo! Austin is 9 and the best helper in the world. I could have never survived having twins without him (and Dad of course!) He loves to do things outside, build things out of Legos, and is addicted to Discovery Channel. Some of his favorites are Myth Busters and Dirty Jobs. Hunter is 7 and quite the ham! He loves to make the babies laugh, loves school (is very good at it), and loves to play outside. He also loves to cook--he can do Ramen noodle and Mac-n-Cheese all by if I could just get him to do laundry! :) Mason is 5 and is our character of the family. He is always keeping us laughing. Like tonight.....he asked to say prayer and it went something like this, "Heavenly Father, please help us to be good, so we won't have any sins and we can come back to your house, and please bless us that we will be able to go the library at school and get a book, and read it, and take it back and get another one. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." He gives me those much needed laughter during the day!! Emberlyn is 4 going on 16! She is quite the drama queen; something that has been a huge adjustment for me after 3 boys. She is ALL girl and has her Dad wrapped tight around her finger. Liberty is the boss of the family. She makes sure that every one is doing what they are supposed to, or at least what she thinks they are supposed to be doing. She is such a doll and we love her sweet smiles. Then theres our wonderful twins! Brinley is 9 min. older than her brother and she knows it. She does everything first, and then shows Brigham how to do it; which was fine until she learned to climb the stairs. She can take 5 or more steps, makes the funniest faces, gives you five and just today learned to spit! Brigham is my sweetheart! He loves to play with his sister, takes afew steps (he does have a bit more chub to move around), gives you five, claps, and hollars for his Dad. No lie, if he is trying to get his Dads attention he just hollars Dad! We love our babies and love watching them play together. Hopefully I will keep up with this and you will have fun watching our family and the fun we have!!