Friday, October 16, 2009

Utah day one

So my sister Tiffany planned this trip to Utah with a friend of hers and I totally invited myself, and I am soooooo happy I did!!! We left super early yesterday morning, spent 13 long hours getting here, then today had a fun filled day!! We started with pedis and some window shopping at Rod Works, then headed to Salt Lake City to meet up with some friends that we have had for 15 years but have not been able to see for 10 years :(. Then we walked around the beautiful Gateway Mall, and then headed to the temple. Checked out the Beehive house, walked around Temple Square, went to the Joseph Smith Memorial building, and went to eat at the Purple Turtle on the way home YUM! The weather has been amazing and although I am missing my hubby and my kids, this is a much needed vaca! I love laughing with my sisters and can't wait to go shooting tomorrow with Cass and her husband Landon! (and IKEA) Thank you SO much Devin for taking such good care of all my babies while I am away! I love you!!