Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Meet the Hulk!!

Meet our new little man! Hyrum "Ryker" Tietjen joined our family @ 11:42 am Monday March 10th. After a long week of contractions and one trip to the hospital, we went in for our induction on Sunday night at 9:00pm. I tested positive for Strep B, so they spent the 1st 8 hours giving me antibiotics, started pitocin at 6:30 Monday morning and he was here before lunch! It actually seemed quite long for me because usually within 1 hour of the Dr. breaking my water I am delivering, but this time was different. His head was turned weird and it wasn't in the right position so dilating was taking longer than it should have. The only scare we had was about an hour before I had him they were flipping me (and when I say "they were flipping me" I am being very literal! They were having a hard time getting the pain under control and had me so drugged that I could not move at all, so Devin and the nurse had to literally pick up my lower body and turn me from side to side!) Anyways, one time they flipped me on my left side and the babies heart rate dropped to 60, so they hurried and flipped me back to the other side and it still didn't come up so the nurse was in a panic, yelling for help and for someone to get my Doctor there, trying to move me around to see if it would go back up. It was a nightmare! I could see the panic in her face and I just laid there thinking, "oh my gosh my baby is dying and they are going to have to cut me open" That is the most awful sound I have ever heard, is that little heartbeat getting slower and slower! Thank goodness after about 5 min. his heart rate slowly started coming back up and the Dr. got there and said what had probably happened is that the cord was tangled somewhere and when I turned to that side the pressure of the baby pinched on the cord and was cutting of the blood supply to the baby. Which it was, the cord was wrapped once around his neck. Talk about scary! I am just so thankful that everything turned out good! Oh wait! I think I have forgotten the most wonderful part! Ryker Tietjen is 22 inches long and 11 POUNDS!!! No that is not a typo, no I'm not kidding he weighs 11 pounds! All his little fat rolls are so adorable! His face is still swollen and bruised from the delivery, but I just want to eat his huge chubby cheeks! I had over a dozen nurses yesterday knock on the door asking if they could come in and see the 11 pound baby, cuz they had never seen a new baby that big before! It was really funny! I was at the new Banner Gateway hospital and they said he is the biggest baby that has been delivered there since they opened (about 5 months ago I think) I really think I should have won a prize like free diapers until someone broke that record! HA!HA! I am so grateful that he is here, and that we had a safe delivery. (and to answer the other questions that I have been getting; no, no C-Section and no tearing.) His head actually isn't that big....15", which for me isn't my biggest. Austins head was 16". I don't know where these huge babies come from, but it makes me feel better about being so huge before delivery!! :) Thanks to everyone who came and saw us in the hospital and a HUGE thank you to my sister Amanda & her hubby James, who stayed at my house to take care of the kids; as well as my Mom & Dad, Tiffany and Camille! I could never relax at the hospital if I didn't know that my kids were being well taken care of; and that is a huge feat! I was a little sad to come home today; ONLY because I know I wont get to hold him very much now that I have to share him with 7 kids! Actually I love that my kids love him so much; even if Mason doesn't like his name "cuz it is weird" :) Welcome home Ryker, we Love You!!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sundays the day!

So I had a request to post my prego belly, which I am greatly opposed to b/c I am SO HUGE! But Devin just so happened to insist upon taking a picture of my belly on Sunday so whatever! Everyone stare at the hippo! :) (I am wearing Devins pants--I'm really not that HUGE all over!) I did have my FINAL Dr.'s appointment yesterday and here is the details. I am 37 1/2 weeks, 2 1/2 cm. dilated and 80% effaced. After doing an ultrasound, which says that the baby is 41 weeks and 9 to 10 lbs., the Dr. decided to schedule an induction (DUH! I have been trying to get him to listen to me and understand that I have BIG babies!!!) So Sunday at 9pm I will be checking in for round 8 of baby-palooza! I am finishing stuff around the house and SO relieved to have an end in sight! Devin set up the pack-n-play afew days ago and Liberty is on guard duty to make sure that it stays nice and neat until there is a baby to go in it. Last night, she came in our room to find that the twins had pulled out all the soft blankies and gotten things messy and was quite upset, "Oh my goodness! The baby is NOT going to be happy about this!!!" And made sure to fix it so it looked nice and neat again! LOL! Everyone is really excited. It's funny how I am already starting to be sad about missing my big belly (as uncomfortable as I am; go figure!!) and being even more sad about how quickly these beautiful babies grow up! Devin looked at the pack-n-play the other night and said, "oh, they are so much more work once they are in there and not in there (pointing to my tummy)" I realized how right he was, and how I had been so focused on wanting the baby out, that I forgot what I am headed for. But, it is all worth it and I can't wait to have a new tiny (haha) baby in our house again!!

Devins family ROCKS!

So 3 of Devins sisters showed up at my house this morning with 7 meals ready to go for me; just heat and eat! Why? Cuz they are awesome I guess! And as they are leaving they make me promise to call and let them help with kids or food or whatever, when I have the baby. (yeah, these meals are so I don't have to cook for a week, NOT for when I have the baby! Can you believe that!!)

2 weeks ago on a Saturday morning I got a phone call from his other sister Nola and she was on her way to my house with my 2 teenage nieces and another sister, to come and clean my house. The most amazing part about that is that when Nola told her 2 girls where she was going they both said, " I want to go" and came along--she didn't even ask them to come help! What teenagers do that? Oh yeah, my nieces do!! :) I am so dang spoiled!!! I love Devins family to pieces and the only way I can stand to let them do things for me like this, is that someday I will be in their shoes where I don't have a million little kiddos at home all day and I can do way cool things for other people! Thank you thank you to my wonderful sisters!!!!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pinewood Derby

February 20th was my boys 1st pinewood derby! (I have no idea how Austin has missed out on that for the past 2 years??) I must admit, as a mom I was worried how the boys were going to do in competition. I didn't know that Devin had a talk with them before we left about being a good looser as well as a good winner. Anyways, they were awesome!! The rest of the kids were really good too. The girls loved cheering for their brothers and every time they would win they would jump up and down and yell "way to go Austin! Good job Hunter!" It really was fun. Hunter was undefeated, taking 1st place and Austin took 2nd place; loosing only once, and that was to Hunter! I was excited for them that they won, but I was more happy that they were so great about not being show offs or acting like they were better than anyone. Austin didn't even seem to mind that he lost to his brother, which kind of surprised me! They also took home awards for Most patriotic (Hunter) and Best use of color (Austin). I was so happy for them that they have an awesome Dad that spent a lot of time helping them with their cars! Thanks DAD!! And thanks Grandma & Grandpa for coming and cheering us on!