Monday, June 29, 2009

Silly Libs!

This isn't Libertys official birthday post, but I had to write this down before I forgot. I asked her on Saturday what cake she wanted for her birthday & this was following conversation we had.
"Libs, what cake do you want on Sunday?"
"Duh, I told you mom, I'm having an ICarly party"
"Oh yeah, my bad"
"So I want a cake with Carlys face on it and Sams face on it, and oh, can you put Pipers face on it?(my neice)"
"um, sorry Libs, I can't do cakes w/faces on it"
"oh, dang it....cuz Piper is so cute I just really want her face on there too"

HAHA, I barely do half decent cakes anyways, like I could seriously start drawing out faces! I was laughing so hard. Then my mom & I made the mistake of asking what she wanted for her is just A FEW that I can remember
* a fake kitchen
* fake dishes
* dress up clothes
* makeup
* jewelry
* fake shoes
* a fake couch
* a fake bed
* clothes
* a fake puppy
* a fake blanket to go on the bed
I can't even remember them all, but for some reason she wanted mostly fake stuff...not REAL shoes, but fake ones! I love it when she makes me laugh!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

13 years doesn't sound like much, but when I think about all the things that have gone on in 13 years......time really does fly when your having fun! I still feel young and like we should be on our honeymoon instead of getting a young man prepared to receive the priesthood! Marriage always has it's ups and downs, but one thing has remained the same in our relationship.....both of us have always put 110% into our marriage and have always tried to remain each others best friend. Our trials through life have made us not only stronger individuals but closer to one another. I love my husband so much! He is so wonderful and there are not many men who do all that he does. I love him for who he is, the way he is with me and the way he is with our kids. People ask all the time how I can handle 8 kids, well I have said before, I couldn't do it without an amazing man by my side. I couldn't image life without him and I look forward to many many more happy years with my best friend!! I love you Devin!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Jacobs a big boy now!

I told you I'm trying to get caught up on my posting! May 10th my brother Jacob graduated from the Scottsdale Culinary Institute specializing Associate of Occupational Studies for patisserie & baking. It is funny to me that this is what he got a degree in, NOT because he is not super awesome at it and he has always been the baker in our family, but I always saw him as some cute computer geek, cuz he is also incredible at that! I guess since I don't have as many talents as some others, its amazing to me how someone can be so great at two things that are so completely different. He pretty much has a standing "dessert" assignment for all our family get togethers, which we LOVE cuz he brings us so many amazing things. I am so proud of him!!! He is the FIRST sibling to get a degree in anything (I mean, besides my degree in baby making!) and he worked so hard to accomplish what he has. Congratulations Jacob!!!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Baby Ry turns 1

Thats right, my baby is one! (ok, his birthday was in March....I know I'm such a looser!) AND I have an announcement to make!! This is the longest I have gone without being pregnant since I started having kids! Crazy huh! It's a good thing I am about to get a new niece, AND they live closer now, so I can get my baby fix!

We had a fun time with Ryker for his birthday. Jacob was kind enough to put together a super sweet cake for him, and we had family over to help celebrate. He is THE SWEETEST baby ever! He started walking right after his birthday and the boys LOVE teaching him all sorts of funny faces and laugh like crazy when he learns to do it on command! He has been such a joy to our family.
Kepping with tradition over the past year, I get to write his birth story.
I kept telling the Dr. over the last 3 months of my pregnancy that he was going to be a really big baby. As it got closer I kept asking for an ultrasound to check his size. Finally 3 weeks before my due date he did one and it said that he was 9 lbs., which could be off 1 pound either direction. So he scheduled my enduction at Banner Gateway. We ended going in at like 9 at night on a Sunday. My parents and Cassie & Jeremiah came down to see me for a while and hopefully be the first to meet our new baby. Things were moving really slow so they decided to go home and get some rest. This was the 1st time I ever had any problems w/my epidural. I wasn't getting any pain relief on the left side of my belly. They called the anethesiologist in 2 times to try and figure out what was going on.He finally put medication directly into my back and that not only made me completely numb, but it finally took all the pain away. The nurse was having me roll from side to side to get the medication to kind of spread out. One time she rolled me to the left side and Rykers heartbeat went down instantly, to like 30 or 40. That was the WORST sound I have ever heard. To hear his heartbeat that slow, and the nurse trying franticlly to get it to come back up, shot horrible fear all the way through me. She rolled me back over, saying that it would come back up, but it didn't. After several min she pressed her panic button and there were nurses flooding my room and they were all yelling for someone to get the Dr. because they needed to get the baby out right now and to get me ready for a C-cection. I started crying and Devin was trying to be brave for me, and I really thought I was going to loose my baby. Right as the Dr. walked into the room, Rykers heartrate started coming back up and he checked me and I was ready to start pushing. So I called my mom & they headed down to the hospital (I think it was about 6:30am when I called them) By the time they got there I had started pushing. I was so numb that after the 1st push I asked the Dr. if I was even doing anything and he said, "oh yeah, your doing great!" That is the weirdest feeling, to be pushing and feel absolutely nothing. Well, after he was born, about 3 pushes later, we realized why my epidural needed to be so good. They laid him on the scale & Devin & I were like holy cow I bet he is almost 10 lbs! When the nurses told me he was 11 lbs I just couldn't stop laughing! I asked them 3 times if they were kidding, and just kept laughing. I knew he was big but I never thought he was going to be that big!! It was so fun having my family come in and asking them to take bets on how big he one guessed 11lbs. He was perfect and beautiful and I was so glad he was here safely. He was the largest baby that had been born at that hospital and it was so funny because I would have nurses knock on my door all day asking if they could see the 11 lb. baby. When we went by the nursery when we were leaving the nurses there told us people would come by and ask where the 11 lb baby was and they would tell them, "the mom is so selfish! She keeps him all to himself" Haha! It was really funny! The kids were so excited to come and meet their new baby and he was an instant hit! He was such a sweetheart from day one. Very rarely did he give me any troubles!
I am so blessed to have had 8 beautiful healthy babies! Will there be more in our future? Only time will tell!

Monday, June 15, 2009

More Mexico pics

Life for the Tietjens

So just a quick update. The kids are out of school, and having a blast! I started working @ Copper Canyon Dental in May, which I love, but hate being away from my kids. I work 3 days a week and usually have cleaning jobs on the other two days, so I am trying to cut back on the cleaning to be home with the kids more. We moved AGAIN....this time from Gilbert to Mesa, to live with my parents for the summer and then hopefully we will be able to move back into our ward in Gilbert.....which we miss TERRIBLY!! It is amazing that we were there for such a short time but fell in love SO quickly! Devin is finding working, thank goodness! Devins Dad just moved here which is wonderful! We are so excited to have him close and spend time with him. Tiffany (my sister) is just weeks away from having her 3rd baby girl and I am SO excited!! Jacob and Crystal added to their family with Iris.....their cat Eddies new wife! Amanda finally is working more nasty night job YIPEE! We are missing Cassie SO MUCH and wish we got to see her more and my baby brother Jeremiah was married to his sweetheart Ciera this past Saturday (pics and post later). So life is crazy as always, but were here, healthy and happy.....couldn't ask for much more than that!