Friday, November 14, 2008

8 months old

What an adorable baby!! Ryker is growing up way too fast!!! He turned 8 months on the 10th, even though he looks 2!! He weights over 20 lbs, he FINALLY sits up ;) and he has 4 teeth which is so dang cute cuz they are his 2 top K9 and bottom 2 middle...SOOO cute!! He says dada, and loves to sit in the highchair, or in his exosaucer and watch all the craziness that goes on around here. He adores Austin and loves to go to him as much as he loves to be with me! I gave him his 1st haircut on Wednesday which is the youngest I have ever cut any of my boys hair (he beat Hunter by one month!) He looks so dang cute! He makes everyone smile and we pinch all his fat rolls about a million times a day! Thanks Ryker for being such an amazing baby!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Jacob

Its so sad that I am still trying to catch up on my posts!! August 16th my brother Jacob turned 27. He is so much fun!! He always makes me laugh and I love it when he plays with my kids. We enjoyed dinner (just the adults, yahoo) at Red Robin and then did cake and ice cream at mom & dads after. Happy Birthday Jacob! Thanks for being so awsome!!!
(I guess I will have to post the pictures when I find them....oops)