Friday, July 16, 2010

Random thoughts

I LOVE to organize!! It's the truth, I really do! I would opt to spend money on organizing stuff over a LOT of other things because I love it so much! I was thinking today about how my sister and I tried to start a company professionally organizing for other people, that really might be my dream job! It has been on my mind a lot lately that maybe the economy has gotten at least a little better that it might work better now? When we started it was when the economy really took a dive and no one had money to spend on someone organizing their home, I think we should take another stab at it; it would make us both SO happy. Hmmmmmmmm??
On another subject, (I can't sleep so I am just rambling) I really miss Austin!! I am actually quite surprised at how much I miss him! I thought, oh, hes a boy and I won't worry about him too much because I know he will have so much fun, but I have thought and worried about him everyday he has been gone; I love that boy, he is SUCH a good kid! We actually had to have a talk with him about NOT spending all of his cash we were sending with him on all the other boys LOL, and he still asked "could I just buy lunch for everyone on the way up?" How adorable is that? He really is a great kid and I'm so lucky to have him in my life!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I found this picture and love it so much because of the smiles on their faces!
I have realized a lot of things over the past couple of weeks, maybe it was great Relief Society lessons (which I have been in Primary for almost a year so I have missed that!) or great conversations with a beautiful niece, inspiration from a good friend through her own blog, or a wonderful Ensign article that reminded me that we make time for things that are important to us in life; so if I'm not reading my scriptures or whatever, it's because I am focusing too much of my time somewhere else. I don't know, I have just been reflecting on things lately and how I want to be a better person. I have also realized that there is one major thing that keeps me from moving forward in life and that is worrying WAY to much about what other people think of me. I can only do my best and I can honestly say that all my life I have tried to be a kind person and love other people, sure life throws crap our way that may cause us to act out of character from time to time, but I spend so much time worrying, "did I offend, did I upset, are they mad?" when none of those things are ever intentional and it is exhausting!!!! I HAVE to let go of my obsession with other people! ALL my life I have had an overwhelming desire for people to like me, if I think someone is upset with me or doesn't like me it literally keeps me awake at night! So I made a decision this week.............NO MORE! I have 8 sweet little ones that deserve my time and if I cut out the time I spend worrying about what other people think I would have more time for them! So I realized all I can do is be the best person I can be, be as kind as I can be and that's all I have control over. I can't control when other people take offense when none is intended, I can't control if others are hateful, I can't control if apologies are made and others choose to not forgive; those are things I do not have any control over. What I do have control over is me; my thoughts, my actions, my kindness towards others and my desire to be a good person. So that is where I am going to focus my energy, I can't spend the rest of my life hoping that other people like me, or if they treat me the same way they treat another family member or friend, but I have a beautiful family and husband who loves me despite my faults and they love me unconditionally. It makes me sad that I can't MAKE people like me or MAKE people forgive, but I just have to get over it. I'm SO grateful for the gospel in my life because I don't know how I could get through this life without that peace and strength it brings to me!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kids growing up

I was looking over my blog the other day and found a post where I said one of my goals for 2010 was to make it to 100 posts on my blog, then I saw how many I have actually done this year......yikes!! I really have to get a move on it if I am going to make it to that goal! So I thought today I would post about my Austin growing up so fast! He leaves for scout camp on Monday, that's so crazy that he is going to be gone for a whole week!! So super last min we realized he had to have a physical so we ran him to the Dr today. Devin didn't bother telling him exactly what was going to be involved in that physical so I laughed my freakin head off when we were walking out to the car and he said to Devin, "you totally owe me ice cream" HAHAHAHA my little boy took a step towards being a man today LOL!!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Pretty Chelsea tied the knot!!!

I'm not sure if I was more excited that Chelsea was getting married or the fact that Chelsea getting married meant that Cassie got to come into town! The wedding was wonderful and the reception was amazing, in true Stutts family fashion!! Chelsea found the PERFECT boy for her and they are an adorable couple! I'm SO happy for her and it was a beautiful day!
The girls LOVE Chelsea and when they are trying to figure out which Chelsea I am talking about they ask "is she the Chelsea who always gives us hugs" Awwww
Her dress was so pretty!!
Naughty Naughty LOL!!!

Jacob, Crystal and baby girl

I'm not playing favorites and that's why Brinley is the only one in a picture, unfortunately the other kids learned (as they have many times before) when mom says you don't get to go if your room isn't clean, she means it. It was really fun hangin out with my sweet Brynn!
Sweet Landy and Cassie! SOOOO happy we got to see them, even if it was only for one day!!

I am SO glad that Kenna is still in dance class bc we LOVE going to see her dance. It makes me almost cry though because I really hope to someday get my girls back in, but it will happen I think. MaKenna has gotten SO good and she rocked it this year, I'm really not just being biased she really was the best one in her class and the routine was absolutely adorable! Unfortunately it was too dark to take pictures of Mike dancing with the other Dads, it was SO hysterical (and HE has gotten really good as well HAHAHAHA) Love you all sweet McGee family!!

Fathers Day 2010

It takes forever to get a picture where everyone is smiling HAHAHAHA!

Dads getting old and cant hear his card!
 (who am I kidding, he hasn't been able to hear for a long time hehe)
Silly Jeremiah and James
Pretty Big T and little T
James entertaining us with his sprinkler dance :)
What would we do for entertainment without James around???

We always have fun getting together whether we are celebrating something or just hanging out. It is always good times, good laughs and good food. I am SUPER grateful for my Dad! He always taught us what is right, he always took us to church, and he always makes sure that we know that he loves the Lord. I don't think that you realize how much you appreciate your parents until you become a parent yourself. My Dads faithfulness to the gospel has held our family together and I feel so blessed for having such a good example in my life.
I feel SUPER bad that I don't have pictures of Devin and the kids; we did it separate and my battery was dead, but he is definitely the other Father that is in my life that I look up to. Devin is an amazing Dad!!! I have always been amazed with his patients with our children, sure we both loose our temper, but he is amazing at being able to handle very serious situations and figure out the best way to handle it that will create the best learning experience for our kids. He didn't have the best example for a Father, don't get me wrong, his Dad is a wonderful person, one of the kindest people you will ever meet, just wasn't in his life full time after the age of 8 which is hard for a child, I can only imagine! I know that he took that experience and chose to apply it in his life for good. I think many men would end up not being a good Father due to lack of a good example; Devin did just the opposite and chose to decide who he does want to be as a Father because of what he did miss out on. I love the man he is and I love the father he is and the good example he sets for our children. He knows how to say sorry, he knows how to laugh, and he knows how to teach. Just like my feelings about my Dad, my kids will not understand how blessed they are until they become parents themselves.

Mothers Day/Birthday Bash

People always think its great to have a Birthday on Mothers Day and I say EH!?! Every other girl is getting gifts on that day too, what fun is that?? LOL But Devin did a great job at trying to make it extra special for me. I wasn't feeling well at all because I had surgery afew days before and just wanted to sleep, but I put on my happy face for my kids; they were so excited to give me presents and cards! My favorite was my card!! Devin found a card with 3 chicks on it; he photocopied the chicks and pasted them in the card so their was 8, THEN he printed out clip art to paste on each one to reflect each childs personality. I was IN LOVE with it! The kids don't know that I had a few gifts bought ahead of time and hidden, hehe! And of course my mom and family had a cake and ice cream party complete with a gift certificate for IKEA which bought me new dishes when we moved! It was a wonderful day and I am INCREDIBLY grateful for my beautiful kids who gave me the gift of being a mom!