Sunday, December 26, 2010

Temple Lights 2010

Me and my hotty Sister!

I hope some little kid didn't see Devin doing this and think it was cool and then try it out himself!

I think its really funny to take more pictures of Ryker when he is being mad

HAHAHAHAHAHA!! Such a drama queen!

My favorite baby Elise

They are getting WAY to big!!

Ryker wasn't mad the whole time. He LOVED LOVED LOVED the lights!!

Dad and his teenager
I love spending time with my family....I REALLY do!

My new FAVORTIE blog for party planning!

I have really tried to put more effort into my kids parties, or even having people over so I am always searching for new blogs or sites with great ideas. My new one for the week is
LOVE LOVE LOVE!! I showed Emberlyn some pics for a Rock Star birthday party and she loved it and I can't wait to start planning it!!!