Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ryker is 3 months!

WHY do my babies grow so fast!! I guess even faster when they are born 1/2 grown all ready! I am super in love with this little man! He loves to smile and coo at us all day long. He started to become a super fussy baby, just like every baby I have ever had, and a friend told me to go off of milk and see if that helped. Lo and behold, fussy baby is gone and SUPER happy, wonderful baby is here!!! I couldn't believe the difference. The last few babies I have been starting to feel like me nursing them actually was making them fussy....I guess I was right. But now that I don't have any milk he is a wonderful baby. He sleeps great (always has though), loves his swing and LOVES his baths! He weighs a whopping 17 lbs. now! Crazy, I know. I enjoy every min. I get to spend with this adorable baby!!

I am alive!!

So m.y computer CRASHED 3 weeks ago. I haven't fallen off the planet! Believe me, I am going CRAZY because I can't get on the computer and blog, AND look and everyone elses blogs. So when I am out at family members houses I try to get on and look, but this is the first time I got smart and brought some pictures w/me so I can at least post something. I miss all of you!! :)