Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My little Baby!!

I wish these pictures were better, but I am in love with this little man! What an amazing blessing this little guy has been in my life. He is the light of everyone’s life and all of his siblings LOVE to treat him like he is the baby and he loves it as well! I can't believe that he is two years old already; maybe since he came out so huge it made the time go by so much faster.

This is what my little man is like at 2;

* loves to show off and get laughs from everyone
* I LOVE his exploding knuckles that he does. He will go from person to person until everyone gives him knuckles, and after Jacob taught him exploding knuckles, now he has to make the exploding sound too. SO funny!
* decided 6 months ago that he was too big for his baby crib; I cried!
* Loves to play with cars, blocks, be outside and read books.......everything boy!
* he is a total climber and we are constantly getting him off of things
* he has started talking a TON, and among his favorites is asking to watch SpongeBob (sheesh!)
* loves to go to nursery and has never given us a problem
* he does throw some pretty fun fits, on the tummy, legs kicking.....it's hysterical!
* he has the ability to make everyone he comes in contact with light up and smile
I couldn't imagine our lives without this sweet adorable boy and I want him to stay my baby boy forever.......here’s to wishing!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Garden time!

We have really missed our beautiful garden from when we lived in Queen Creek and I have had the gardening bug for quite a while!! So my mom had some extra room in her garden and offered to let me put some stuff in. So we decided to sprout some seeds of our own which was a new adventure. All the kids got involved and they all took turns helping me plant the seeds. I had to hide the tray of seeds on the top of the fridge to keep them away from it while they sprouted LOL.
It wasn't long till they were HUGE and needed to be planted. Hopefully they will survive the transplant and we will have some yummy veggies this summer!!!