Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Little Man Babies

Brigham was playing Doctor today and was listening to my heart and informed me that I have little man babies in there. IDK if anyone will be able to understand him on this video but it is SOOOO funny!
He informs me that my hear is ok but I have little man babies in there and I say, that doesn't sound good what are we gonna do and he says they have to stay in there, I don't wan to break your heart.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

New house, New adventures

I just realized I never posted about moving.....AGAIN!!!! We started looking for a house back in April because even though we didn't HAVE to move until August, I really felt like it was important to stay close to my family and I didn't want to switch the kids schools, again! So we looked and looked, found one that was perfect and would have had it if I would have lied about how many kids we had! I just couldn't do it, one lie leads to another lie and another, and I knew that's how it would be! So would I have to lie to the neighbors who had known the owner for 5 years, hide pictures if the landlord ever had to come over?? So we told the truth and they said SEE YA! It's ok, because the best house, in the best neighborhood, in the best ward fell into our laps!
I was on FB and saw a friend who I have known since Jr. High, post a pic of a beautiful house asking if anyone in Mesa needed a rental because her brother was renting out his house. So I immediately messaged her and emailed him and met up 2 days later. Outside of one more bedroom, which I was willing to give up, this house is perfect! 2 story, which we really wanted, a big open kitchen and family room, in a gated community, with a community pool and park one street over! We were in heaven as soon as we saw it! The owner must have felt like it was right too, because even knowing how many kids we had, he sent us the application papers and it was a done deal within a week. We KNOW this is where we are supposed to be. I know people move all the time and probably don't think twice about where they  are going, but I guess since moving to Queen Creek was such a life changing experience and we did that with a lot of prayer, we have always prayed about where we are supposed to be, asking the Lord to help us be where we are needed and where our family would be happy. Its hard to just move somewhere as your kids get older because it effects their lives so much.
Kind of funny though that after all that searching so I wouldn't have to move schools, we moved the kids to the school in our neighborhood. It was a REALLY hard decision, which again, we did with much prayer. But probably 80% of the kids in our ward and almost all the kids in our neighborhood go to this school and we want them to build relationships with the kids that they will be going on to Jr. High with, and in church activities with. Devin went to a school when he was a kids where he was literally the ONLY kid in his ward that went there and all the other kids went to a different school, and he said he hated every min of it because he wasn't super close with the kids in his ward because they were together for all the school stuff and he felt so left out. So, we moved them, which we feel really good about. We walk to school every morning which we all really enjoy.  They see all their friends, AND I'm happy Hunter got away from all these little girls that were falling all over him; although I give it 2 weeks until new little girls are calling the house for him!! It is rated really high on the list for public schools in Mesa, and everyone in the ward said they have been VERY happy with it. We will really miss our old school, and this new one has very big shoes to fill!
We hope to be here a LONG time, it feels right, and all of us are really happy here!


While I was finishing laundry at 2am this morning thinking about the day I had just survived and what a great blog entry it would make, I laughed out loud when I remembered the last thing I posted about. How ironic it was that I wasn't too happy about being a mom that day, but my last post was all about the JOY I find in being a mom!
I survived yet another, "why do I have boys like this when it seems like everyone else has theese sweet little boys that the worst thing they do is play in the mud" day!! I know there were a few little things Brigham went to time out for that I just can't even remember, but the main ones were for things like finding him in the boys bedroom closet with a pair of scissors clipping the strings on Hunters bow for his violin, AFTER he went to the bathroom he "i didn't put a toy in the toilet mom, thats whats not in there" and flushed it a dozen times until it flooded, AND to top it all off while I was running an errand and the older boys were babysitting Brigham climed up the shelves in a closet and found black and NEON green craft paint and I found him pouring it ALL over the carpet in his room. When Devin saw it he even said he didn't think it was gonna be THAT bad!! Actually that wasn't even the straw that broke the camels back; THAT straw would have been when I was gone picking up Devin from school and returning a school book and found out that Hunter packed his back pack and LEFT on his bike because he was mad that I yelled when  I saw the craft paint on the carpet.
So I couldn't sleep at all last night and into the morning, so I cleaned and thought, folded laundry and thought, showered and thought, and still no sleep came because the thoughts of the day kept me wondering WHY? I am usually not one to ask "why me" when we are going through financial hard times, or sickness, or other trials that life throws at us, but when it comes to my mischievious little boys I find myself asking WHY ME a lot! Why do other people have these adorable little boys who sit and color sweetly, or play with their dump trucks in the sand, and whose biggest offense in their little life is to strip down in the back yard and play in the mud? Why do I get all the boys who climb shelves to get a brand new 5 pack of kodak film and fling it around until every roll is fully exposed (can you tell I'm using stories from YEARS ago?)
Devin always tells me when I'm overly stressed that I was "blessed" with these challenges because if someone else was blessed with these kids they would seriously probably kill them. That doesn't really make me feel much better BUT I think deep down I know he is right. I think kids are born with so much of their personalities, or at least I tell myself that so I can sleep thinking I didn't train them to be this way :)

I love my kids I really do, for as much as they drive me nutso, they make me smile, make me laugh and help me learn new things all the time; most of the time things about myself.