Monday, December 28, 2009

Goal #1 for 2010

I just looked at saw that my entries for 2008 was 84 and in 2009 it went down to 32 (well 33 now!) That is SO terrible!! So I just decided that there are enough fun, crazy things going on in this house that I can make it to 100 posts in 2010!! Thats my goal, so if you happen to check in from time to time and there is some stupid post that doesn't really mean much......I might just be trying to get my numbers! LOL! But really, there is never a shortage of crazy around here, so it shouldn't be too hard!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Pictures with Santa

So if you live near a Bass Pro Shop, they have free pictures with Santa as well as crafts and activities for the kids, all for free. (you can go to to check it out) My kids had a blast and since we shaven't had pictures with Santa in YEARS they were really excited to see him! Devin secretly overheard Austin tell Santa that this year for Christmas he wanted "for all the people who aren't going to have a Christmas to be able to have one" I guess we do afew things right as parents?? I can't believe how big my kids are getting! sniff sniff Brigham was so cute, as soon as he looked up and saw it was Santa he gave him the biggest hug and Brinley was terrified! She barely let go of me to get the picture! What cutie pies!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Great sites to go to!

My sister finds the best websites and blogs and I just wanted to share the latest addictions!
Every day they have a "deal" of the day. Last week they had the Disney MP3 players for $7.99!! I check it every day!
I LOVE this cooking blog! Every recipe my sisters and I have tried we LOVE!
Just introduced to this one today and I am afraid to even spend the time looking around in it because I know I won't be able to get off! Amazing craft ideas and telling you about $5 fleece jackets at Old Navy, today only! So cool!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Hunter

My sweet Hunter turned 10 in September! He is such a wonderful kid....seriously! Finally I have a kid who cares about if they house is a mess, and from time to time I even catch him getting after the other kids "come on guys! We aren't a bunch of pigs! Cant you just pick up after yourself!!" (wonder where he has heard that?) If he watches kids for me I will come home to find the house completely clean and happy kids! One Sunday I walked in and found him ironing his Sunday clothes! For his Birthday he wanted to go to Amazing Jakes really bad. I explained to him that there was just no way we had the money for that. He was fine, but came back about an hour later with a proposal. "what if I work and earn my own money to pay for me and my friends to go, then could we?" I couldn't refuse, I was so shocked that he was willing to work to earn money to take OTHER people with him! So he did, he worked really hard at Grandma & Grandpas, and a little here, and earned almost $60. It was such a proud mommy moment! How did I get so lucky? Here are some things I love about Hunter at age 10

* he is very smart and does all his homework without being told
* he loves to ride bikes, play rock band, play outside, and go rock climbing
* he LOVES music! he always has on the radio and knows the words to everything
* he enjoys scouts and likes participating in pack meeting
* I love catching him when he is alone doing things like reading his scriptures, helping someone or cleaning up after his brother and sister that make the HUGEST messes!!
* he never forgets to give us hugs, kisses and thank yous

I love everything about this kid, every way you look at it! I am really enjoying him as he gets older, we have become good friends and I love hanging out with him. He is the most amazing kid and our family is so blessed that he is a part of it!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A good friend of mine had to go yesterday and tell a good friend that her 26 year old husband and father to their 3 little children had been killed. I have not been able to stop thinking about this sweet little family whose lives have been changed forever. For their 10 month old baby who will never remember its father. And for a wife who is spending her Christmas season planning a funeral. Life for so many of us seems to not turn out the way we had planned and as I reflect on this woman's pain I am forced to look at my own life and recognize the sweet blessings I have been given. It really makes me stop and think about the next time I want to complain about not having enough gas or enough milk, or anything else, and to stop and recognize the Lords tender mercies that I am blessed with every day of my life. I know people will think of this woman and think of the blessings that will come into her life because of her trial she has been given, but I reflect on the blessings that will come to so many lives, lives she will never know about because of her trial. The many people who will hold their kids a little longer and who will love their husbands a little bit more, and look over the little things in life that are of no importance and relish in their lives that they have been blessed with. My heart aches for this young family, but I hope and pray that this sweet sister will be able to feel of her Saviors love and that somehow she will know of all the lives that she, unknowingly, will touch for good.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My 1st baby is 12???

I can't even believe that my oldest baby just turned 12!! How did that happen so fast? It was so weird this year to try and plan an "older" kids party instead of going and getting the spider man stuff at the store and calling it good! So we just sent the girls to Grandmas and ordered pizza and set up Austins Birthday present and let the boys just party. They had a really great time and it was so cool not to have to entertain, we just let them play and then we did our own thing. Here are some things I love about Austin at age 12
* I HAVE A BABYSITTER!!!!! (I have waited for 12 long years)
* he really enjoys reading which is so surprising bc it took him a long time to learn to read in the first place, now he loves it!
* he still loves to be outside, and still will build forts and all sorts of stuff (he and his brothers recently dug a 5ft deep hole in the back yard....just for fun haha)
* I have loved his enthusiasim about turning 12 and getting the priesthood and passing the sacrament
* he enjoys video games and watching all the stuff his Dad likes (BORING) History channel, Military channel, Discovery channel
* he is an AMAZING artist!! I am floored at the things he can create and draw, he has an incredible imagination and so much creativity!
Austin is who 1st made me a mom, and I love him for that! I didn't know if I was going to survive this kid as a toddler, but he has sure made it worth it! I am so grateful for this him being so patient as I have learned, and continue to learn how to be a good mom. Happy Birthday Austin!!

Halloween 2009

So I am the WORST mom in the world!! We were in a huge hurry to get to our ward party and Austin & Hunter were not finished getting ready so there are no pictures of them.....I know, I told you I was the worst! I was really heartbroken this year that I didn't have the money, or the time to make their costumes. It was the first time in 8 years that I haven't made them, not sure if I will ever get over it. Thank goodness for great friends who let me dig into their supply of Halloween costumes! We had a blast at our ward party with Mom & Dad, Mike & Tiffany and Jeremiah and Ciera. Maybe I can get my crap together and get costumes done for next year! (in case you don't recognize them.......Mason-batman, Emmy & Liberty-witches, Brinley-Glenda the good witch, Brigham-a very upset scarecrow, and Ryker the Lion)

Utah part 2

Oh I finally feel human again!! I have the computer set up now and can finally get caught up on my blog. I wanted to start with the rest of my pictures of my trip to Utah. It was so much fun to spend the weekend with my sisters and I'm so lucky that I have a husband that is willing to stay home with 8 crazy kids so I can go play!!! Day two of our trip Landon, Cassie and Lance took us shooting and we all had a blast!!! It was so cool watching Cassie, shes really good! Thank goodness they are coming to see us again soon because we have so much fun when we are makes the distance a little bit easier to bear. It was the best to go see HER because we didn't have to share her with anyone. Thanks L & C (and Lance) for letting us invade your house and showing us such a good time!! Love you!!!