Friday, September 11, 2009

Oh how I miss my blog!! I don't have a computer at our new house.....yes, we moved AGAIN! So I am never able to get on here anymore. So many things have been going on.....Devin in hospital with bronchitis, the same weekend we moved, Liberty in the hospital with an RSV thing, more hours at work, Masons baptism tomorrow and on and on. I just wanted to put my feelings down about the things that have been going on in my life lately. At 1:30 this morning while I was laying in my bed sobbing like a baby because our Tahoe had been impounded, and will be for 30 days (looong suspended registration from no insurance) and now we have Devins single cab work truck to accommodate 10 people.....I felt very strongly that I needed to pray. I am the WORST at saying a prayer when I know I should, but don't feel my heart is in the right place, but I did it anyways. My tears kept coming, but I started thanking my Father in Heaven for the blessings in my life, and all the good that I could find. Slowly the tears slowed and I felt overwhelming peace fill my heart. Despite the uncontrollable shaking from fighting off a complete panic attack, I knew the Lord was mindful of me and I was very grateful that he helped me to look for the things in my life that were happy and wonderful. We will figure things out, just like we always do, but I am grateful most of all for the Gospel in my life and a Savior who suffered all so I can be better.