Friday, January 1, 2010

Oh, I forgot

I started a blog about my diet; there is a link on the right of the page. Check it out. Plus, here is a copy of my facebook posts from 2009 I thought it would be fun to make sure I kept it all.

A new year

2009 was seriously the WORST year of my entire life! I don't usually say things like that,
I try to be a positive person, but I'm not gonna lie, it was truly horrible!!!
Thank goodness we learn from our trials!
I am thrilled to be welcoming a new year! Not many times in the past have I very literally felt a welcome feeling when ringing in a new year. Devin and I both said SEE YA 2009, and are so excited about this next year! I know it is going to be wonderful! A new body, school, finding more work and all sorts of things are waiting for me this year. I am excited to work more with Devin at finding more work, strengthening our family and starting school! He truly is my best friend, and we have been through not only a difficult year, but the most challenging time our relationship has ever seen, so I am thrilled about what this new year has to offer us! I wish everyone all the love and happiness that life could possibly bring!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!