Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pretty Teeth

No more braces!! I have been in braces for about 9 months (for the 2nd time in the past 8 years) and am SUPER happy with my new smile! It is so incredibly worth it! I hate to see my kids go through their teen years with crazy crooked teeth but at the same time, I think I appreciate my pretty teeth WAY more than I would have if my mom and dad would have gotten me braces as a little kid. Either way, I'm happy!

Great Aunt?? Sheeeesh!!!

I love being an aunt......but am constantly reminded how freakin old I am getting!! 20 YEARS ago a family moved across the street from me and my family, little did I know they would end up being my family.
(The family is Devins sister Colleen.....thats how Dev and I met) I was their full time babysitter and watched their kids grow from the time the oldest two were about 3 and 1. NOW, these two little kids are married and having kids of their own! The little Jessica I babysat from the time she was a baby, became MY babysitter and is now babysitter her OWN baby! CRAZY!!!! They both have had babies in the past few months and I love it! I wish I could camp out at their houses and get my baby fix!!!
Love you Ty and Jess (and sweet little babies!)

Breylon Sellers (Jessicas baby) weighed just over 6 lbs ....... smaller than my twins.
He is SO cute and such a tiny little peanut!
Reece Bowman (Ty's baby) He is getting so big and loves to suck on his fingers. SUCH a cutie pie!!
These two boys are gonna be such great friends!

Bounce U

This was our first time going to Bounce U and the kids had a BLAST!!
(ok, so did I.....if I had one of those and played everyday with the kids, I wouldn't need the gym lol!)
 We went during Spring Break because they were having a special $5 entry charge for St. Patricks Day.
We will totally go again!
The pictures aren't the best cuz I took them on my phone and when the kids are moving fast
 it's hard for the pic not to be just a big blurr ;)

Brinley being crazy!

Ryker deciding if he is gonna let the cute girl climb in with him. LOL

All the other kids were moving to fast to even get a picture!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New blog; new me

I have done a lot of self reflecting over the past few weeks and I started a new blog today based on what I have decided to do to be fit and healthy, FOREVER!! I'm DONE dieting and am going to focus on eating right and exercising. No more "diets" just changing my ways and helping my family to do the same!! Check it out!
(also as the side of this blog under sites I love)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lots of new things

We are coming the end of our spring break and I'm really bummed that the kids are going back to school tomorrow! We had a lot of fun together, despite having to listen to fighting allllllll the time! ;)

We did more this past week together than we have in a long time. We went to the park Monday with my parents and the Twilleys, Tuesday we rented movies and played all day, Wednesday morning we met up with some super great friends at the park that I haven't seen in 7 years (I will never let it be that long again!) then went to Bounce U, which we will be visiting again soon because we had a blast!! Thursday I ran errands and we cleaned cleaned cleaned and Friday we spent the day with my sister and her girls having lunch, touring the mall and going to the movies to see The Chipmunks (was lacking on the amount of songs, but it was still cute)

Scattered in there was Dr's appts for Devin which went really well. He is starting to get back to normal, still on about 4 meds, but is up a lot more and feels like things are somewhat getting back to normal. It's so nice to feel like we have our Dad back. His gastro Dr came in the room at his appt and said, "I really didn't expect to see you ever again. When I sent you off to surgery I really didn't think you were gonna make it" WOW that really makes you stop and think! It really affected Devin because I was there going through all of it and he was asleep the whole time, so he doesn't really get what it was like and how serious it was. He feels very blessed and grateful for every ones prayers. I reacted different because even though I was very stressed out, I knew the whole time that he was going to be ok. The thought crept into my mind once, "oh my gosh, what if he dies" but it was quickly replaced with a peaceful feeling that I need not worry and he would be fine. I'm so happy we are on the downhill side now!!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

3 weeks and counting

Today I got a call at 8:30 am with Devin letting me know he was coming home today! I was thrilled and got up and immediately started getting the house cleaned spotless and got showered and looking pretty for my hubby. I waited and waited and waited for the call letting me know he was ready to go. I checked in with him a couple times and he said it was just taking a while because he had to be on IV antibiotics for another week so they were making arrangements for a nurse to come to the house every day and give him the medicine or else he would have to stay in the hospital. About 5:30 I got a call from Devin; a very upset and frustrated Devin. He asked me to hurry and come down to the hospital because it looked like they were going to make him stay for the next week instead of let him come home. Long story short, the insurance company is putting up a fight and not wanting to cover a nurse coming to the house to give him the meds. Which makes NO sense because it is WAY cheaper to pay a nurse to come in once a day vs. staying at the hospital!!! One Dr came in and said he was good to go and everything had been worked out, then 20 min later another person came in and let us know that in fact things were not worked out and wouldn't be until tomorrow. It was horrible........we had both been excited all day long for him to be home so it was like a huge punch in the gut! So here I am all by myself for 21 days in a row! I miss my hubby and my kids are really missing their daddy! We are just praying that everything will work out tomorrow and he will be home with us finally!!