Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My crazy girl!

So Friday night Emmy starts crying about how her eye hurts. She literally goes on for hours and hours about how bad her eye hurts. Devin the Dr., looks in her eye and doesn't see anything, gives her Benadryl, hoping that will make her feel better but nothing is working. She is walking around the house with one eye shut, watching T.V. one eyed......kinda funny really, but trying to feel sad for her that we don't know what to do. We keep telling her if she goes to sleep she will wake up and feel better in the morning. So around midnight she cries herself to sleep finally. Poor thing! Saturday morning she wakes up and the one eyed girl continues her quest to get us to understand how bad her eye hurts. So Devin runs to WalMart and buys different eye drops and some eye patches so she can keep it shut. He has her layed on the kitchen table to perform his operations and I finally look in her eye and I just about dye when I see what is in her eye....ITS MY CONTACT!!!! (its ripped in two places so no kidding it hurts!) I'm not even joking! My 5 year old daughter got my contacts and put one in her eye. She was so afraid of getting in trouble (cuz duh, she knows shes not supposed to be in my stuff!) that she wouldn't tell us, "well, it might be hurting because I PUT SOMETHING IN IT!" Devin was feeling so bad and I couldn't stop laughing because I couldn't believe she actually got it in her eye! Devin doesn't understand what a feet that is if you don't know how to put in contacts!! I'll just add that to her list of talents I guess!

(This is Emmy, McKenna, Brooklyn & my Moms new Puppy Mona)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Meet Maddy

I have been needing to post this for quite a while, but life always manages to get in the way! This is my (ok, our) new baby girl Maddy! She is 3/4 dachshund 1/4 chiuaua (I have NO idea how to spell that!!!)and I LOVE HER! She is the best addition to our family. We got her when she was 8 weeks old and everyone loves her. We have had her almost 2 months now and the kids STILL fight over whose turn it is to hold her. The girls carry her around like their little baby......I swear the poor thing is going to forget how to walk!! We have a new chocolate lab (that's Devins dog....he tried to let that one be an inside dog too, but that is WAY too much crazy for me!) named rocky and they get along really well. Maddy rules the roost though, she puts Rocky in his place and makes sure he does what she says even though she is like a sixteenth his size, it's flippin hilarious!! We love having her, and heaven help the sweet puppy that she lives through this zoo!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Our worst Nightmare

So as a mother of a large family one of my greatest fears has always been that some accident would happen and some person/Dr/Nurse etc. would get suspicious and call CPS on us. I have heard so many horror stories about families being torn apart when there was no cause to do so and so I have always been afraid of that just out of the sheer numbers we have here and because kids will be kids, they fall, they get hurt, stuff happens. Well, our worst nightmare, became a reality this weekend. Thursday night Brigham and Devin were playing and Brigg was running down the hall away from Devin and as he ran by a table, at the last second, he decided to duck under the table and hide. Since he stopped so quick and turned, it snapped his femur. At first we thought maybe he just dislocated his knee or something bc there was no swelling but after 20 min of non stop screaming we decided Devin should take him to the ER. This was around 9:30 at night. Around midnight Devin called me to tell me it was broken and that they were transferring him to St. Joes and he was going to have to have surgery to set it and possibly put a pin in it. So of course I didn't sleep the rest of the night worrying about my poor baby. Well, I made arrangements for the rest of the kids and after I got the kids out the door for school I was headed out the door around 9 am when I got the call from Devin that CPS was on there way down to the hospital. He was a wreck, I felt like I was going to pass out or through up, or both. So I rushed to the hospital, sobbing all the way there, calling all of our family asking them to please say a prayer that everything would be ok. When I got there the CPS worker was already there talking to Devin so she continued the interview and then let us know that she needed to go out to the house to meet with the rest of the kids......panic attack #2. Devin and I couldn't leave bc Brigg was scheduled for surgery @ 4:00 so my mom was left to be the one to deal with that. When my mom got to my house my two sister in laws and brother in law were there straitening up, putting on outlet covers, putting up cleansers, medications, everything. It was amazing! So things went fine with that. The kid behaved well and the lady was nice and told my mom everything looked good and she was going to write up her report and close the case. Briggs surgery went fine, no pin, thank goodness. They just set his leg and put his cast on. He will be in this miserable cast for 2 months poor baby!!! So we thought we would be going home soon, until the Dr. on Saturday told us that they were going to do a full body X-ray to check for any other injuries as well as an eye exam to make sure that his retinas had not been detached from his eyes (shaken baby syndrome) panic attack #3! So they did all that Sat. night, spent another miserable night there. Finally found out Sunday morning that everything came back perfect (duh!!!) and he was medically cleared to go, but now we had to wait for a phone call from CPS saying that we could take him home. AHHHHHHH!!! We were dying to get out of there and have this whole entire nightmare be over! So finally at 6:00 we were able to take him home! He is SOOOO happy to be home and we are SOOOO happy to be home with all of our kids!! I am so incredibly grateful for all of our family and their prayers and their love, concern, and help. While I was driving to the hospital after I had called everyone, the closer I got, I started to feel this warm calming feeling come over me and I knew it was every ones prayers....it felt like a blanket, it was so amazing! I am so grateful for the power of the priesthood and for blessings. I love my family so much and don't know how I could ever live without any of my children. I feel like a mother hen and I just want to gather all my chicks under my wings and keep them there forever! I thank the Lord every day for keeping us safe, but especially this weekend, for keeping us a family!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

We miss you Cassie!!

Well, it was bound to happen some day. Some crazy boy would sweep Cassie off her feet and wisk her away and keep her all to himself!! We just never thought that "all to himself" place would be in UTAH!! WHAAAAAA! :( Cassie has met this super great guy that she has totally fallen for and he has likewise fallen for her, and they both made the decision that they would like to be close to each other so they could actually go on dates more than once every couple of months.........stupid!! I did long distance for a year; no biggie!! (LOL!!) So about a month ago she quit her job, packed up her stuff and headed off to Utah. Afew days later, she had a new place to live, a new job and is loving getting to see her cutie pie boyfriend up close and personal on a regular basis. We miss her like CRAZY!! Especially now that it's the holidays and we are doing a ton of family stuff; it just isn't the same without her here. She is coming to visit for Christmas and I can't wait. Lots of people make me laugh, but there is something different about the way that girl makes me laugh! I love her to pieces. Hopefully the next couple of years will fly by (the time it takes for L to finish school) and before we know it she will be back here making us all laugh till we cry. We love you Cass and can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!!