Friday, May 15, 2009


The Romneys where the reception was

SO beautiful!

The Romneys faimly & friends offerd their homes for us to stay in. THANK YOU

The McGee family in front of the temple (in the Romneys

The beautiful couple!

Jacob & Crystal

Awwwww, we are so cute!

You get pretty nuts being in a car with 8 adults for 9 hours! These are FOR REAL the walkie talkies my mom brought so we could communicate with the other cars. HAHA
There are so many things that I haven't posted about but I want to start most recent and go backwards! We had the opportunity to go to Mexico last weekend with my parents and all of my siblings for Cassie & Landons open house. It was SO awesome!!!!! Getting there was quite the adventure! Mike & Tiff got pulled over, then at the border we had drama with 2 of our 3 vehicles that we were driving so we had to drive to the Romneys farm and drop off Tiffs truck and Cassies car and have Landons family drive them to their house because we couldn't get the permit for their cars. So we had Dev & I, Mom & Dad, Amanda, Jeremiah, and Jacob & Crystal in our was squishy! We finally made it to beautiful colonial Warez. I had been told that the temple was in the Romneys front yard, but I didn't expect their driveway to be right next to the gate of the temple. I was driving, and I was freaking out cuz I totally thought I was driving on the sidewalk of the temple. Everything there was so incredible and so beautiful. 2 families offered there homes to allow all of us to stay in and everything was just perfect. It has such an amazing feel there because the temple is right there in the community, you can really feel the spirit that is there and almost like a protection of the great people that live there! The reception was beautiful with awesome mariachi, great food, dancing and we got to visit with our wonderful friends the Johnsons that moved back there over 3 years ago. Landons family was so kind to take such great care of us and made us feel so welcome. Sis. Romeny made us a fabulous authentic Mexican breakfast before we left on Sat and we got to stay and watch Cassie & Landon open their gifts. I am so grateful to Devins family and our friend Jenn who took care of ALL of our kids so we could go. It was such a nice little get away, even if it was just 2 days. The ride home was fun as well, again with Mike & Tiff (they were our entertainment!!).....we were all trying to get into the line of cars @ the border and no one was letting us in. So we kept sticking the nose of the tahoe and mikes truck into the line so someone would just have to let us in. Well their was a nice senorita (sp?) that DID NOT appreciate that very much and was yelling and shaking her fist at Mike. While she was doing that, she wasn't paying attention to traffic and slammed into the car in front of her. HAHAHA! It was so dang funny! All of the sudden there was an opening for us to get in line! Funny how that works huh!?! We were all laughing so hard. I always really enjoy spending time with my family and I LOVE laughing with them!!! Thanks Cassie & Landon for getting married so we could go to Mexico! :) We love you!!!