Sunday, April 19, 2009

Happy Days

Things here are great!!! Devin is feeling better, thank goodness and has been helping out so much around the house and is trying to find a job.....that's never fun! I am recovered from my surgery, but am back to being sick to my stomach 24/7. So I had to go back on meds for that and am going to see a gastrointestinal specialist to see what could be causing me to be sick all the time. Hopefully that will be short, and we will able to get this crazy problem solved! Our sweet puppy Maddy is fully recovered from almost dying of Parvo; it is so great to see her back to her bubbly self again! I have a job interview on Thursday at Copper Canyon Dental which I am SO incredibly excited about!! Hopefully there will be more details on Friday! :) I am happy to be alive and have my sweet little family! Life doesn't get any better. Hopefully I will get some pictures downloaded on this new computer and be able to start catching up w/my posts!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We are alive!?!

Ok, here is the run down of the past 3 weeks. (and I am SO making this shorter than it really is)
* Devin had a seizure in our driveway and was hospitalized for 4 days
* I was in the ER twice cuz I have been sick for 4 months w/nausea & vomiting
* ER found a UTI, kidney stone, & a 5 cm cyst on my woman parts :)
* Dad in the hospital for 5 days from having a heart attack
* Dog died
* Van still in shop & don't have the $2300 to fix it
* Computer crashed (working now thanks to wonderful brother!!)
* Devin back in hospital for 3 days w/spinal headaches from spinal tap from previous stay
* Surgery for me to remove cyst & endometriosis
* Devin back in ER AGAIN b/c of spinal headaches
* Devin gets fired from job b/c by law when someone has a seizure you can't drive for 3 months (I guess boss man didn't like that so much)
* Emmy w/strep throat, & thought Ryker broke his wrist (he's ok, tennis elbow is what they called it?)
Um, I'm pretty sure I am leaving out several things. These are just the main ones I can remember. :)
Now having said that; here are some other things: WE
* Live next door to the fire station and had medics on the scene in 2 min to care for Devin when he had his seizure
* Are part of an AMAZING ward! There were 2 members @ my house w/in minutes of Devins seizure, taking care of kids & me, and made sure the Bishop met us at the hospital, we have had more meals brought in then I can remember, they have babysat kids, tried :) to come over and clean house, stopped by and dropped of cookies, homemade bread, extra food, & even flyers for ward activities so we would still feel like a part of the ward
* Have nieces that stayed at my house for almost 3 days to take care of my kids while I was at the hospital w/Devin
* FAMILY that loves us, prays for us, cares for us, helps us, and is there every second that we need them
* Sisters that did Easter baskets for all 8 of my kids, babysat, sent texts to check and make sure I hadn't killed myself :), called, bought groceries, cleaned, been forgiving when Devins in the hospital and I miss my baby sisters bridal shower, driven long distances just to bring me a smoothie and a movie
* Brothers that fix things and help with problems, like taking care of a dead dog (cuz I'm at the hospital w/Devin), fix broken things, let crazy sister/sister in law cry and babble like an idiot, and even watch 8 kids!
* A future sister in law that has babysat, been supportive & loving & even helped save our other dog from dying
* A Mom that for some unknown reason, has not dropped dead from unbelievable stress and been there to help, have a shoulder to cry on, stay with kids, clean house, take grand kids to Chucky Cheese, and SO much more
* A Dad who runs over to help with kids, or sell things so we have money to live on, is there to provide love & support & administer blessings to us
* And I have a husband who despite the fact he has been in & out of the hospital, & is still suffering w/horrible headaches, has taken amazing care of me & the kids while I have been down. He is Mr.Mom, cleaning, cooking, doing ALL the laundry, dishes, dirty diapers, baths, grocery shopping (even though hes not supposed to be driving!), playing with the kids, taking care of sick kids while I was down, rearanging my kitchen so it functions better, moping, more dirty diapers & lovingly letting me cry on his shoulder and telling me it will all be ok

I could literally go on & on & on & on; but the point is, This has been one heck of a ride!!! I adopted the motto about a year ago, "What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger" Well, right now I could freakin kick Wonder Womans butt!!! Although I have spent hours bawling my brains out and wondering when it's going to end, I have seen the Lords hand in ever step of this crazy time in our lives. I am so blessed to live where I live, have the family & friends that I have, and have the Gospel in my life. I know the Lord watches over all of us, and even in our darkest moments when we feel like the world is crashing down on top of us, He is still there and He allows us to go through these things because it does make us stronger and better people. So I am actually grateful for the things I have had to endure. It has brought me closer to all those around me, I have learned and grown so much, & I am closer to my Father in Heaven. I don't know where I would be with out all of those things!