Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We love you Burke & Amber

Earlier this week my cousins nephew passed 18 month old baby. The entire Jardine family has been deeply effected by this loss, and our thoughts and prayers are with them during this very difficult time. The purpose for this post is that I hope that everyone will take a minute to stop and realize how short life can be. My prayer is that each of us will take the time to put down the dust rag, the dishes or the vacuum, hang up the phone, or let those dirty dishes or laundry wait so that we make sure each one of our precious children gets a hug, a smile, an "I love you" and time with Mommy (and Daddy) every day of their lives. I would be devastated to loose one of my children and remember that just hours before I was too busy cleaning to stop and listen to them or talk to them, or just give them a big squeeze. I adore each of my beautiful children and would never want to live without them and hope dearly that they know how loved they truly are. No matter how insane my days may be, I do thank my Father in Heaven every day for blessing me with my sweet children.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!

We had so much fun celebrating Pipers 1st birthday with her! It was a perfect day at the park and the kids had so much fun playing together. I sure love my little Pipes! She is such a sweet baby and I adore her sweet smile; she can light up a room! I love having her over and I love how much my kids adore her and play with her. Happy Birthday little Piper!!! We love you!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy 1st year!!!

Wednesday marked my first year of blogging!!! I know it might sound dumb, but I was really excited to know that I have been journaling so many fun things about our crazy life, for a whole year! I love my blog, it is really my favorite hobby. Having said that, this post is dedicated to my husband and how much he totally rocks!! He is so good to me and keeps me laughing. These pictures are from Sunday when after he gave all the girls a bath (and Mr. Brigham) he put pony tails in their hair. How many dads would do the bath, let alone pony tails! And that is totally him; he does that kind of stuff ALL the time! One weekend I had to work late on a Saturday night and when I came home, the kids were bathed and in bed, the house had been mopped and was spotless AND he had all 7 kids Sunday clothes, shoes, tights, & socks laying out and ready to go for church the next morning! I really couldn't live without him!! Love you Devin!

And here is an example of how he makes me laugh. Tuesday Hunter came down stairs after he was supposed to be in bed saying that he needed lotion for his legs and arms cuz they were itching so bad (he has eczema). So I gave him some lotion and sent him back to bed. I guess that wasn't good enough b/c he asked Devin for something else. I came back into the kitchen and found Devin rubbing cream on Hunters legs. I asked him what he was putting on him and he said, "oh, I found some Hydracortizone cream in the bathroom" I said "what, I didn't think we had any left?" and Devin said, "yeah, I found a whole tube." and I said, "let me see"..........this is what he was using. I was laughing my butt off for like an hour!!!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Pictures from Moms Birthday Bash

I did this wrong, so sorry it's in the wrong spot. These are from our Birthday Bash we had at Mike & Tiffanys for my Moms Birthday. It was me & Ambers first time playing guitar hero and I must say I am totally hooked!! I can't wait for my taxes to get here so I can go buy it!!! Happy Birthday Mom!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Photo shoot 1001

So I have posted many many times about my kids photo shoots that they do.......this one is definitely the funniest! Apparently Mason & Emberlyn stuck marshmallows to an apple to give it eyes and a smiley face and then were so proud of their work that they decided to take pictures. What cracks me up the most is that they staged it in different places to take pictures.....this isn't even half of them! I love it when my kids make me laugh! The other pics are of our garden; they are pretty good photographers!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy LATE Birthdays!

So after I posted about Crystals B-day, and was getting ready to post pictures of my niece Pipers Birthday, I realized i was adjusting to a new baby and didn't do a Birthday shout out for 2 of my favorite people!!

1st on March 21st (which was my actual due date; THANK GOODNESS I didn't go that long!!) was my Brother Jeremiahs 22nd b-day. When I moved out of the house to get married he was 10 or 11; then when my family moved back to AZ he left on his mission one month later, so this past year has been really fun getting to know him as an adult. Here are some things I love about Jeremiah.

* he has been the biggest ladies man since he was about 3 years old.....seriously!!!
* he has a great sense of humor (i really am the only one in my family that missed that jean!)
* he has always been such a sweetheart and I think he just lives to make people happy
* I still see him as my adorable baby brother and love having him around
* I love how much he has gotten to know my kids and (I think) really enjoys being a fun uncle
* I am SO happy that he has chosen to stay here in good ol' AZ since he has been home because it wouldn't be the same here with out him!!

And 2nd, but certainly not least... my beautiful mom turned 29 (funny how we are the same age!!) on March 27th. I will try to condense the list of things I love about her;
* she is my hero! Everything about her is amazing!
* her body rocks!! It is awful (for me) that she is smaller than I am......regardless of the fact that I just had a baby; BUT makes me way happy for her that she takes such good care of herself!
* she really is the kindest person I know
* she is the best mom any one could ever ask for
* she has always been an amazing example to me, in every way and I am being honest when I say that every day I try to be more and more like her. I really couldn't live without my mom & I am so blessed to have her in my life.

Sorry it's late, but we love you bunches Mom & Jeremiah Happy Birthday!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fun in Twinville

Devin gets really board sometimes when I am at work so he finds all sorts of ways to keep the kids entertained. One day he made them hats out of tin foil and another day Brigham actually was the one who found Emmys old dance costume and insisted on wearing it around the house for the rest of the night. What fun Daddy is!

I think this is painters tape.....he was lovin' it!

This is while I was lucky enough to be home! The twins were in the playroom playing so nice and quiet.....I thought, "oh yipee, I can get the kitchen straitened up; they can't get into trouble in the playroom!" Little did I know, they had found a bottle of lotion and took it in there with them and decided to paint each other with it. At least the smelled yummy the rest of the day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Super Cute!!

I have a good friend who designs and sells handbags that are to die for!! This is my baby gift! One of her Super Cute diaper bags! Isn't it so flippin' cute! Check out her website ( for pre-made bags, as well as her design option where you can design the whole bag your self. They are so cute, I wish I had 4 or 5 to match my outfits or something! Thanks again Sarah!!!

Happy Birthday Crystal!

Ok, I am really behind on my posting, so I know this is late, but Happy Birthday Crystal!! Crystal is my bestest sister-in-law and even though her Birthday was on the 9th I wanted to give a little shout out a week late anyways. Me and my sisters surprised her by showing up at her work and taking her out to lunch. We had a lot of fun just yappin' and enjoying our yummy food. Here are some things that I love about Crystal:
* Her sense of style. She can put the cutest things together!!
* Her sense of humor.....she seriously cracks me up!
* I love that we watch "The Bachelor" together (ok, at our own houses, but then we get to text about it the next day!)
* I love that she is such a "gamer". Her and Jacob always have the funnest games to play!
* I love that she loves my kids. They really love her and with as many LOUD munchkins that we have running around, I am so glad she not only tolerates it, but still manages to love them! :)
* And the absolute #1 thing I love about her is that she married my brother!!
I am SO glad that Crystal is a part of our family! It is so great how well she fits feels like she has always been our sister! Happy Birthday Crystal, we love you!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Silly Devin

So, ask anyone in Devins family if he is accident prone and they would probably die laughing, and then tell you a million stories about all the things that have happened to him during his 34 years of life. Even as an adult, he continues to be every ones insurance policy (as long as Devin is around, no one else will get hurt!!) In the past 3 weeks he has been to the ER 4 times for 3 different injuries.........I think he has been feeling a bit neglected with the new baby around?? That or he misses Redge beating up on him so now he just does it himself? Come back Redge, come back!! :) The first injury was 3 weeks ago when he broke his toe, followed the next week by having a huge metal tank fall on his left leg almost breaking it, followed the next week by a pan of boiling water falling on his right leg resulting in 2nd degree burns from his thigh all the way down to his toes. Which was kind of funny because he had just stopped limping on his left leg, and now is limping on his right leg. What is even more funny is that every time he would start feeling better he would laugh and say, "now I have to find something else to whine about" and afew days later, lo and behold he had something new to whine about. Don't get me wrong, I love the guy and am still laughing as I write all this!! I just thought everyone would LOVE to see pictures of his nasty legs! Poor baby!
Left leg

Right leg

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Baby update

So here are some currant pictures of my big ol' baby! Isn't he adorable?? Well except for the scratch marks on his face. Those would be courtesy of my little Brinley! It's so weird b/c she is such a little mommy to Brigham, but she is SO mean to Ryker. She hits him all the time! :( Also, don't pay any attention to the "girl" swing that he is in......I have a boy one but I haven't gotten it out yet; probably because I can't leave him in it unless the twins are in bed! I pretty much can't leave him anywhere when the twins are awake.....AHHHHHHH!!! Can't put him in a pack-n-play b/c they can climb in it; can't leave him in the swing cuz they climb on him; can't leave him buckled in his car seat on the table b/c they will climb on the table! So my days pretty much consist of holding the baby and chasing the twins around...literally....thats ALL I do ALLLLL day long. It has become very exhausting. BUT, I must say that one wonderful thing is how fabulous Ryker sleeps at night! I have NEVER had a baby that sleeps this good, this early. Once we get him to sleep; which is usually between 10 & 12, he only gets up once during the night, and for the most part he just eats and goes back to sleep. We have had afew long nights, but overall he has been so great at night. (he seems to save his fussiness for during the day; but at least I'm not overly tired!) So two big advantages to having a GINORMOUS baby would definitely be the great sleeping, and the weight loss plan is GREAT! I lost 21lbs. in the first 10 days; can't beat that! Only 9 more to go, and then I have to chisel away at the left over weight from the twins! FUN!`

Friday, April 4, 2008

Happy Easter!

Better late than never I guess! Here are some pictures from Easter morning. My kids were so awesome! A few of them slept in, but the ones that got up early didn't even come in our room and bother their baskets (they are always in our room so I can guarantee myself at least afew pictures of the kids!) Mason even came into our room while we were still asleep and woke me up to ask me when they could get their baskets; I told him when we woke up. He said, "ok mom" stopped and looked in his basket, then went off to play. How funny is that!! I am a little bugged that I was too sleepy to notice that Liberty was only wearing a pull up! Especially b/c she only puts one on every once in a while; but the stripping her jammies off IS pretty normal. My silly Libs!