Sunday, April 17, 2011

Paper towels and Tide

Paper towels make me happy. I know, its really weird but when I have paper towels on my counter it makes me feel blessed and I'll tell you why. There was a time when we were starting our concrete business with Devins brothers over 10 years ago that at its worst we went 9 weeks without a paycheck. I don't know how we managed! Tiffany and I were both pregnant,....both with our 3rd baby; it was stressful and I think all of us involved cried a lot. During that time we had to  make every dollar we had go as far as possible so we gave up simple things in life that were just amenities; things like paper towels, Tide & Downey. We used the store brands of everything just to save a buck, even if the store brand didn't even hardly clean the clothes. Today our lives had lead us to a very different path. Devin being a full time student at 38 with 8 almost seems as though we are doing life backwards. BUT, even though our satellite might get turned off from time to time, or we are scrounging to find gas money, when I see paper towels sitting on my counter it makes me feel joy and I find gratitude for being able to have paper towels, I smile when I smell my laundry and downey fills my nose. I know its dumb, but I guess I am grateful for the hard times so I can appreciate the small and simple things in life.

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