Saturday, April 28, 2012

We're back!!!!!

Well I finally got my blog to work from my phone!! I'm so excited to be back on my blog.....I am so sad & ashamed that I haven't been blogging for a little over a year!! I'm not sure if I should try to play catch up or just start posting day by day, I'll probably do a little of both. Our lives have been crazier than ever. In the past year we have moved....again....devin has been in the hospital.......a lot..... and everyone is growing up, and happy to be in the same place for a couple years now. Even though we moved into a new house, it was only a few streets away, & we were blessed to be able to stay in the same ward and at the same schools. Devin, just last week, went through an 8 hour surgery to have 90% of his esophagus removed in hopes that this will solve his medical problems & all of us to have a normal life again. In the meantime I am working at Bellagios waiting tables and started my own business doing eyelash extensions which is going great. I will try to play catch up over the next month, but I'm super happy to be blogging again!!


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